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Interior Ceiling Cladding

An ugly ceiling can be a problem, especially if it’s Artex, which is tricky to get rid of.  Old plaster ceilings can form cracks that look unsightly as well, but now there’s an alternative to the mess and inconvenience of ridding yourself of Artex, cracked plaster ceilings or other unsightly ceiling finishes.

Install beautiful, easy to clean, economical ceiling cladding

The easy and economic solution is to cover it with a beautiful finish from our range of ceiling cladding. It’s fast and easy to fit with 12 stylish décors to choose from too. We use Proplas panels, which can be used on the ceilings of any room and you can choose the patterns and textures that suit your style and that of the room you’re improving.

Benefits of ceiling cladding

  • It’s very easy to clean, mould free and wipe clean
  • It’s 100% waterproof, non-porous, suitable for wet or dry areas
  • It’s easy to cover up your unsightly ceiling and give it a great new look
  • Our ceiling cladding has a five years guarantee
  • Fully fire rated and therefore safe as tested to BS EN 13501-1:2007
  • Easy fixing options, fast fit and no wet trades required
  • Easy care with almost no maintenance

Interior cladding is waterproof and fire safe

This PVC panelling or cladding is waterproof and fixed by adhering the panels to an appropriately sound, flat and plumb subsurface. If the subsurface is uneven then a timber batten frame should be installed to create a suitable subsurface to adhere to. Full installation instructions are supplied with all products.

So if you have an ugly ceiling or two in your house and are looking for a way to improve them without mess or excess expense, that offers a maintenance free warranted and beautiful new ceiling, interior cladding and PVC panelling may be just what you’re looking for.

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