Traditional Conservatories

UPVC and Victorian style conservatories

As the winters are long and the summers short in the UK, it’s good to be able to enjoy your garden for more of the year, for instance all year round. The best way to do this is to install a brand new, low-maintenance, attractive conservatory onto your house and you get to enjoy your garden more. We can help with all types of conservatories, whatever style, shape or size you’re looking for.

We offer a large variety of conservatory designs for our Essex customers

There  are a variety of designs, shapes and sizes for you to choose from and at Cladfit we can build a UPVC Conservatory that’s just right for you.   

Not only does a UPVC conservatory allow you to enjoy those sunny winter days and to get the benefit of your garden for more of the year, it also creates an extension of the internal space in your house. It might be that you gain a lovely dining area or extra seating space off your lounge, a sun room or a playroom for children, as well as a better view of your garden.  It’s also a great selling point and adds value to your home, so conservatories are a good investment.

Contemporary, Victorian or Edwardian style conservatories

Cladfit can build several different types and styles of UPVC conservatories, from traditional styles, such as Victorian or Edwardian to more modern designs, it’s entirely up to you. We can also build your UPVC conservatory with toughened glass and a locking system if you’re concerned about security. We have a highly trained team of conservatory specialists who can give you exactly what you require at a competitive price.

These are some of the styles and types of UPVC conservatories available to you from Cladfit:

UPVC Lean to Conservatory

This is a square conservatory, which is ideal for smaller properties or bungalows. This type of conservatory is lower to the ground and is common in the Mediterranean.

UPVC P-Shaped Conservatories

This is also a common type of conservatory, and has a rounded head, which enables you to enjoy the sun from every angle.

UPVC Georgian Conservatories

For homes with distinction and for those looking for a more traditional conservatory, a Georgian Conservatory  is an impressive and attractive addition to any property and these come in a range of beautiful and elaborate designs.

UPVC Victorian Conservatories

These conservatories are generally circular in shape and come with either three or five sections, whichever you select, a Victorian conservatory makes a stunning addition to more traditional homes.

Please contact our conservatory team at Cladfit for advice on the best type of conservatory to match and enhance your home.