UPVC Windows

Aside from the fact that they look good, there are some very practical reasons why UPVC replacement windows are an excellent idea for your property.

What are the benefits of UPVC replacement windows?

  • They are very low maintenance. UPVC window frames don’t need painting or sealing, which significantly reduces the maintenance required over their lifetime
  • Tough and long lasting
  • UPVC Replacement windows don’t rot like wooden ones
  • They keep heat in your house making it warmer
  • There are a variety of choices to how they open
  • They keep noise out of your house
  • If you live close to the sea, you’ll find they’re resistant to salt erosion
  • Multi locking systems on UPVC windows make them secure
  • Recyclable – Most UPVC Windows are recyclable so they aren’t bad for the environment
  • They reduce your energy costs as you don’t lose heat through old leaky windows

There are also a number of types of glass available for your UPVC replacement windows, making them perfect for all rooms in the house and all your window requirements.  You can have frosted glass for the bathroom or crystal clear glass for your UPVC Patio doors so that you can see into your garden. Toughened glass is also available for UPVC windows where you might have security concerns. We also offer laminated glass, which is stronger than other types of glass and patterned glass for a different look.

Sheet Glass

This is the oldest and most commonly used style of glass for UPVC Replacement windows, which has been used in large numbers of properties over the years. Sheet glass is made with a smooth finish and is not completely flat.

Float Glass

This type of UPVC window glass has gradually replaced sheet glass in more modern windows and sits parallel to the pane.

Patterned Glass

Patterned glass comes in a variety of colours and is embossed to create a texture or design within to add a more individual look to the UPVC windows in your property.

Frosted Glass

This is ideal for UPVC windows in bathrooms and places where added privacy is required. The glass is etched in a way where people cannot see in, but brings enough light into the room to make it worthwhile.

Laminated Glass

This is thicker glass created by two pieces bonded together by a plastic sheet. Laminated glass is ideal for more vulnerable parts of the property, where windows might be liable to shatter easily and it also provides extra warmth inside.

Cladfit UK are a long established, experienced supplier and installer of beautiful UPVC replacement windows.  We are able to provide a large variety of styles and glass types to suit the look of your property. We offer a full installation service by our specialist team of staff and can provide PVC windows, Victorian style sash UPVC windows, Georgian or Bay UPVC replacement windows and many more UPVC windows and glass types. You can choose between single or double-glazed UPVC windows, the latter trap warmth and help to block out noise from outside thus ensuring lower heating bills and a quieter home.

We are happy to provide advice and any information you require on the styles and types of UPVC windows available, all you have to do is give us a call.