What are fascia boards?

Fascias are the long straight boards, just under the roof line of your house connecting the roof to the rest of the house. They usually run along the front and back of a property and provide support for the bottom edge of your house’s roof tiles, concealing and protecting the ends of the roof rafters, helping to insulate the inside of the house and keeping birds and vermin out.  Fascias assist in the prevention of weather damage to roofs and are generally available in different styles, colours and material to suit individual tastes and types of property. They are more visible than soffits so the look of them is important as they can improve the kerb appeal of a property considerably. 

Cladfit UK specialise in replacing wooden fascia boards with strong, thick UPVC ones which do not decay over time or require painting. We also offer a full range of matching purpose-made mouldings for joints, internal, external angles and general purpose trims.

PVC fascias & benefits

Traditional fascias boards were generally made of wood but this tends to rot over time, resulting in a loss of protection for the property but also an unsightly appearance that can turn your house into a bit of an eyesore. The majority of people look for a long lasting, low maintenance option these days.

The main benefits of UPVC fascias are:

  • UPVC Fascias are relatively maintenance free
  • UPVC Fascias improves the aesthetics of a property
  • UPVC Fascias are durable and will stand the test of time
  • UPVC Fascias are available in a range of colours
  • UPVC Decorative fascia boards are also available

Styles of Fascia boards

Cladfit have a wealth of experience of supplying and installing fascia boards and can advise you on the right style, colour and type of fascia boards for your home, ensuring that they look great and protect your home from the elements for years to come. There are a terrific variety of different styles and colours and heights available from 100mm to 600mm. Fascias are available in standard, plain board, tongue, groove or ogee finish. Because Fascias expand and contract, custom-made joint trims provide a neat finish where required with gutters. 

Wood Fascias

The most common material used, particularly on more traditional properties, is timber, which is then painted to add durability and give protection against the weather. Cedar wood is the preferred option because it’s more water resistant especially when painted or stained. Wooden fascia boards do require maintenance and will constantly need re-painting and cleaning so rot or mould does not occur.

Vinyl Fascias

Some property owners opt for vinyl fascia boards because they come in a variety of colours and are ideal if you want to maintain a colour scheme. Vinyl fascia boards come in many colours and can replace older, wooden ones at little extra cost.

Aluminium Fascias

Aluminium fascia boards are becoming increasingly popular as they are incredibly weather resistant and require little maintenance. Like vinyl fascias these can replace wooden fascia boards and last for decades, surviving even the harshest weather conditions.

PVC Fascias

UPVC or hard plastic fascia boards last much longer than wood and are the most popular option for modern housing. The plastic can be painted any colour to match the rest of the property and they can replace older fascia boards, providing a low-maintenance way of protecting your home.

Composite Fascias

For the more environmentally conscious property owners, composite lumber fascia boards can be created made with a mix of recycled products, such as wood chips, sawdust and plastic. These fascias can be more expensive but lasts for many years and reduces the carbon footprint of the building project.

Maintaining and Replacing Fascia Boards

Using marine grade stainless steel fixings, Cladfit UK will install the fascias to the ends of the rafters, providing a maintenance free solution and correct support for the tiles.  Our fascia boards are also guaranteed against pinking, flaking and rotting giving you piece of mind for many years.